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Our aim is to provide quality education to help you reach your goals. Returning to school can be a rewarding experience, however at times it can be overwhelming. The teachers and staff at Jobworks are here to help you with both your academic and personal challenges. If at any time you find yourself becoming overwhelmed - talk to us. A solution can usually be found.

Please feel free to contact Soozy Petrides, with questions or concerns.

General Liability

The Governing Board of Jobworks, its officers, agents or employees assume no liability, expressed or implied, for the result of sickness or accidents involving personal injury to any student, whether in connection with Jobworks instruction program wherever conducted, or incidental to other activities on Jobworks properties or elsewhere.

Student Conduct

Jobworks staff will act with dignity and respect when interacting with students, and will expect that all students will treat each other and staff members with dignity and respect. Students will act in a manner that will contribute to a safe, positive, and constructive learning environment.

Staff will intervene when students use profanity and when students violate any of the policies detailed in this handbook. Unacceptable conduct will be reviewed by the Director who will have the final say regarding consequences for such conduct.

Dress Code

Staff will intervene when clothing worn is considered inappropriate. One warning will be given. Repeated infractions will result in the student being asked to leave class.

Inappropriate clothing includes the following:

Females - low cut tops, short shorts or skirts, ripped jeans/pants, clothing deemed too tight and/or clothing with inappropriate writing on it.

Males - low riding pants, ripped jeans/pants, clothing with inappropriate writing on it.

Shoes must be worn at all times.


Smoking is permitted outside the back door or on the sidewalk at the front of the building on Pembina Highway. Smoking is not allowed outside the front door.

Freedom from Violence

All employees and all students, volunteers and visitors within Jobworks have the right to work and learn in an environment supportive of their personal health, safety and well-being.

All employees have the responsibility to take those actions deemed necessary to maintain an environment free from physical violence or verbal abuse or the threat of physical assault.

Teachers and administrators have the authority to maintain order and discipline in the school.


Schools are legally obligated to take reasonable steps to provide an environment free from harassment. Harassment is defined as a course of abusive and unwelcome conduct or comments that are directed at an individual because of a group to which they belong or appear to belong. Those who harass others could be subject to a human rights complaint.

Examples of harassment are such things as: racial slurs or name calling, repeated remarks to a female that she should be at home raising her children, objectionable and unwelcome sexual statements, solicitations or advances (by either males or females).

Drugs and Alcohol

Jobworks has a "drug/alcohol free" policy. Any activity: sale, use or distribution of drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol is prohibited.

The following procedures will be followed if a student is believed to be using, selling or distributing drugs or alcohol.

  1. Personal belongings will be searched by a staff member or administrator with another staff member present. Search can include any or all of the following: backpacks, emptying of pockets, purses, school bags and vehicles.

  2. If banned substances are found, police will be called.

  3. Student will be asked to leave the school and are not permitted on the property unless they meet first with the Director.

  4. Student must meet with the Director before being allowed to return to school. Return to school is at the Director's discretion and may include attendance at a recognized rehabilitation program.


Students who come to school smelling of alcohol or marijuana will be sent home. Repeated offences will result in withdrawal from classes.


Students who are caught plagiarizing another's work or cheating during tests/exams will be subject to the following:

1st offence - you get zero on that assignment/test/exam

2nd offence - you will be withdrawn from your course

3rd offence - (in any other class) you will be withdrawn from all courses and asked to leave the school

Test Writing Procedures

The following are in effect when students are writing a test/quiz/exam in class.

  1. I pods, MP3 players and the like are put away. Ear phones are also put away.

  2. Cell phones are not answered/used during tests. They should be put away, in a binder, in a purse or backpack or pocket.

  3. People do not leave the room during the test. Students need to use the washroom before the test begins.

If test is being written in the computer lab or at the front desk.

  1. Staff will take away ipods, cell phones, binders, books, back packs and coats. These will be put in a safe place.

  2. If student is expecting an important call, staff member will keep the phone where staff member can answer it. Only If necessary.

  3. Students are not allowed to bring any papers into test unless teacher allows (such as formula sheet etc) IF PERMISSION TO USE NOTES OR PAPERS IS NOT WRITTEN ON THE TOP OF THE TEST, THEN NO PAPERS ARE ALLOWED.

  4. Students are put in an office or room where staff can check in on them periodically. Blinds on windows or doors are to be left open.

  5. Students do not leave the room during the test. Students need to use the washroom before the test begins.

Use of Calculating Devices

When writing tests and exams where calculating devices are allowed, students must use a calculator. Teachers will specify the type of calculator allowed (scientific or graphing). Any type of device capable of receiving or transmitting signals is not allowed during tests and exams.

Academic Appeal Policy

Students have the right to appeal an academic decision they feel is not warranted. The following process is to be followed:

  1. The student must discuss the decision with the instructor. If the student and the instructor cannot resolve the concern, the student should contact the Assistant Director or the Director to discuss the matter in person.

  2. The Assistant Director or Director will meet with the student to discuss the issue.

  3. Director's decision on the matter will be the final decision.

Non-Academic Appeal Process

Any student and/or member of the public has the right to request the opportunity to appeal a decision made by
Jobworks staff to the Jobworks Board of Directors. Existing procedures that define processes and channels of
communication to deal with appeals must be explored before a request to be included on the agenda will be
considered. The final decision regarding placement of appeals on the meeting agenda will rest with the President
(Chair) of the Board of Directors.

Students seeking information or a resolution to an issue must first contact the instructor. If additional resources are
required or the process does not provide a satisfactory resolution, the student should contact the Director. As a final
measure, a written request can be made to the Board President (Chair) to have the case reviewed at a board
meeting/to appear at a board meeting. This written request to the Board President (Chair) must be received no more
than 5 business days after the meeting of the student and the Director.
Members of the public are encouraged to deal with matters through staff members assigned to the area involved. If
this process does not provide a satisfactory resolution, the Director should be contacted. As a final measure, a written
request can be made to the Board President (Chair) to have the case reviewed at a board meeting/to appear at a
board meeting. This written request to the Board President (Chair) must be received no more than 5 business days
after the meeting with the Director.

The Board President (Chair) is the final authority for approval of requests to address the Board/to appear at a board

Requests to appeal a decision made by administration may be held “in-camera” if the President (Chair) is of the
opinion that confidentiality may be breached if the matter is addressed in an open meeting (In the case that an
appearance at a board meeting has been permitted).
A written submission must be available for distribution with the agenda.
The amount of time allocated for an appeal will be specified by the President (Chair) when the item is approved for
inclusion on the agenda. Generally, 15 minutes will be allowed for an appeal.
All Board decisions are final and written notice will be provided to the appellant.

Freedom of information and protection of privacy

Jobworks collects personal information directly from students on our registration form. This information is used for admission, registration and other fundamental activities related to attendance in an adult learning centre in Manitoba.

Except for statistical or institutional research projects approved by the school and official school business or other strictly limited exceptions provided within the Act (e.g. to locate next of kin in an emergency), the school will not divulge any information on file to any agency or person without the student's written permission.

Cell Phones

We realize that some people have to be accessible by cell phone. If at all possible, please turn off these devices before class begins. If you must take a call please take it in the hallway where it will not disturb students or staff who are working.


Attending all classes is the best way to ensure that you will be successful in your courses. We assume students recognize the importance of attendance, but realize at times you may need to be absent for valid reasons.

If you know in advance that you must miss a class, please notify your teacher. If you are unable to attend a class, please phone the school and leave a message with the receptionist or on the message machine. Please indicate your name, the class you will be missing and the name of your teacher in your message. You can also e-mail your teacher directly from our website and clicking on the "Contact Us" section.

Regardless of the reason for the absence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have caught up on missed work.

Student Progress Reports

Students are given formal reports at mid-term and at the end of the trimester. Teachers record student marks in a program that allows them to produce a student progress report in a very short amount of time. You can request one of these reports from your teacher at any time if you wish to see your progress.


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