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General School Rules:



Field Trips:

Field trips are fun-filled and related to our classroom studies. Class outings are COMPULSORY and have a SHARP start time. No exceptions will be made unless prior arrangements, that accommodated, have been made.

Students arriving late to outings will earn an unexcused absence and will be given the option to either stay or leave for the duration of the class.

Students may be asked to leave the program due to lack of attendance.


Students who have a valid driver's license may choose to drive to school events/outings.

Students may only drive themselves during school hours or get a ride from their own parents/guardians.

Getting rides from other students and other students' parents/ guardians is not permitted.

Students who choose to drive are held responsible for their own vehicle and any expenses incurred. Students will not be permitted to leave school events to pay for parking.



Students who are caught plagiarizing and/or cheating during tests/exams will be subject to the following:


  • 1st offence: The student will be given a warning about plagiarism/cheating and given an opportunity to re-do the assignment or receive a zero on the quiz/test/exam. A parent/guardian will be informed.
  • 2nd offence: The student will receive a final warning about plagiarism/cheating and receive a zero on the assignment/quiz/test/exam. A parent/guardian will be notified.
  • 3rd offence: The student may be asked to leave the program and a parent/guardian will be contacted.



Visitors: All visitors must report to our front desk staff. Persons who fail to do so are trespassing and may be prosecuted. Students are asked NOT to invite people into the building unless permission/prior arrangements have been made with staff and/or administration. Any person without permission to be on the premises will be asked to leave.

School/Home: We believe that students require a strong connection between home and school to ensure success in their education.


  • We encourage this connection by:
  • Making parental/guardian involvement mandatory
  • Ensuring that parents/guardians are contacted daily regarding absences
  • Contacting parents/guardians regularly
Encouraging parents/guardians to contact us immediately if there is a concern/issue Inviting parents/guardians to volunteer whenever possible

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