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Lockdown Procedures (Threatening Intruder)

STAFF will indicate LOCK DOWN

I. Clear all hallways immediately. Students outside of classrooms should try to reach a classroom or an office. Close all the doors and lock if possible. Install the door club (hanging on back of doors) on doors that open to the inside. Turn off the lights and close any blinds or drapes. Stay away from any windows. People should sit quietly on the floor, out of the line of sight to a potentially threatening individual who could be inside or outside the building. Once a door has been locked, it cannot be unlocked until a credible person provides staff with the "Cancel Code One" signal followed by a code. Students or staff who gets caught outside of classrooms will need to find the nearest office, room or any place available to hide.

2. It is critical to stay each room until a credible person informs you that the danger has passed and advises you on how to exit safely. The "Cancel Code One" signal followed by a code known to staff will come from a credible person.

3. Students outside should try to vacate the school area. If vacating is not an option, seek protective cover or drop to the ground and remain still.

4. Students attending Jobworks will be informed of the designated spot for reporting ifleaving school property is an option.

Fire Alarm
Fire drills are mandatory. It is imperative that all staff and students evacuate the building when the fire alarm rings. Students must move quickly and quietly to the designated area outside the building and wait for direction. Students attending Jobworks will be informed of the designated spot for reporting ifthey must leave school property.

When the fire bell rings or in the case of any evacuation, leave all belongings and exit the building using the following exits:


  • Room 1 Front door
  • Rooms 2 & 3 Turn right, go down the hallway and use the West side exit (Back door)
  • Student Services Go down the strairs and use the West side exit (Back door)
  • Rooms 5 & 6 Go down the back stairway and use the West side exit (Back door)
  • Science Lab Front door
  • Board Room Front door
  • Student Lounge Turn left down the hallway by Room 2 & 3 and use the West side exit (Back door)



Gather in the parking lot away from the building. Teachers will do attendance. Re-entrJ back into the building will not be permitted until direction is given by the Director.

Tampering with fire alarms and/or fire extinguishers is illegal. Fines and/or charges will result for those who violate fire safety regulations.

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